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We're policy-minded scientists and engineers focused on public health, education, security, and intelligence. Our goal is to work effectively and operate transparently. We prioritize good governance over high profits, collaboration over competition, and sincerity over appearances.
Our services include, but aren't limited to:

program evaluation

performance management

market research

systems architecture

software engineering

technical enlightenment

data aggregation

data analysis

data visualization
We solve complex problems

to serve the people of the United States. To this end, we make large-scale and small-scale contributions to large and small organizations, both public and private, as well as pursue internal projects to experiment with our own ideas for improving the country.
Saint Joseph's Indian School
Evaluation and Logic Model Support
Saint Joseph's Indian School provides holistic housing and education for Native American children. In close partnership with school leadership, we are working to refine their logic model and develop a survey to assess student outcomes. To monitor program activities and student outcomes, we are developing comprehensive data aggregation across various record systems. Our goal is to identify, implement, and monitor evidence-based programming to serve the Lakota children attending the school.
US Intelligence Community
Data Aggregation Architecture and Policy
The IC collects information pertinent to securing our nation. The complex task of quickly, effectively, and appropriately safeguarding, sharing, and consolidating this data is a major technical and legal challenge. We work towards a transparent information-sharing environment, applying the latest standards and technologies to aggregate data from disparate sources for comprehensive analysis and actionable intelligence, with strong consideration for performance and ontological feasibility.
Ipsos North America
Market Research Support
Ipsos is a global market research company managed focused on the production, interpretation and distribution of information gathered from individuals about their opinions, desires, attitudes and behaviors. We support Ipsos on qualitative and quantitative market research efforts.
B7 Inc.
Startup Evaluation and Support
Technology startups with large-growth potential still predominantly originate from or move to Silicon Valley. B7 believes there is little holding back this type of growth in the DC metropolitan area. We support B7 in technical evaluation and demonstration for up-and-coming technologies being developed here in and around DC.
Congressional Districting
Automated Creation and Electoral Simulation
We're building a platform to algorithmically draw Congressional districts and to evaluate historical election data against generated/historical district lines. Our intent is to explore potential optimizations to our system of representative democracy, frame unanswered Constitutional questions about representative success, and propose objective/non-partisan districting methods based on our findings.
Automated Debate
Argument Mapping and Mining
Contentious policy disagreements within the country have resulted in an era of unprecedented partisan gridlock. We believe constructive compromise can be facilitated by reducing common debates to core concepts and questions guiding participants towards the opposing viewpoint. Resulting data may reveal heavily-weighted factors influencing policy positions, generally or within specific demographics.
VJ Kapur, Principal Engineer  
VJ is a computer scientist focused on solving difficult governmental problems in data-, results-, and mission-driven ways. Able to rapidly deconstruct concerns/requirements into any necessary level of detail/scope, he is adept at designing/implementing effective automated solutions.
Kelly Bell, Principal Researcher  
Kelly is a social science researcher focused on improving public health and education initiatives. She works with nonprofits, government programs, and educational institutions to develop performance management processes, conduct program evaluations, and implement evidence-based practices.
We hire for intelligence, creativity, and accomplishment; not years of experience.
Our team is the key to our success. We only hire exceptional people and reward them accordingly, with above-market compensation plans, comprehensive benefits, and complete transparency into our financials and pay structure.
Research Scientist
Technical Engineer
Policy Analyst
Designs and manages research investigations for public programs. Advises clients on implementation and management of evidence-based programs and practices. Authors peer-reviewed articles, white papers, and blog posts to communicate research findings to a broad audience. Stays in touch with recent literature in relevant subject matters. Designs and implements system components for various software applications. Evaluates existing software implementations and COTS/GOTS solutions against user concerns. Architects bottom-up solutions, identifying and applying the appropriate technologies for the task. Applies good code management and testing practices. Constantly monitors industry for new technical advancements. Drafts and analyzes policy reports and recommendations. Maintains deep knowledge of government and law, including historical context and recent developments. Conducts policy research with an understanding of the uses and limitations of data sources. Possesses subject matter expertise in policy areas (e.g. law enforcement, intelligence, education, public health).

While we appreciate the value of in-depth knowledge about certain fields and methods, we have a strong preference for cross-literate individuals with broad skills and interests. Our engineers write in-depth policy documents and our researchers learn to code. We seek candidates that are well-rounded, open-minded, and motivated to both learn and teach.

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